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Specify the location and the time of booking

The first step is to determine the reservation time and space vehicle lease . Fill out the form and proceed to choose a car from our fleet.

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Select car from our fleet

Wybierz pojazd z naszej floty

Not selected vehicle

Select a vehicle from the list. After selecting the vehicle at this point there will be details of the selected model.

Limit km is : 0 km

To increase the limit km use the form below.
Each additional miles payable ~19gr brutto.

Additional limit km : 0 km.

Cost per additional km : 0 zł.

The total limit of miles : 0 km

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Client data

Complete the information below. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

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* Additional information related to reservation , type in the box above

(x) fill in a booking of company


To pay a total of: 0

Deposit : 0 zł brutto

* Prices include VAT 23%

Pozycja Cena
1 Office, out-of-office or out-of-hours handling charges 0
2 Hiring a vehicle with an additional limit of miles. 0
3 Selected vehicle retrofitting 0

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