Car Rental Poznan

Welcome to the capital of Wielkopolska!
Below the address of the rental car AUTOCASH:

1 Dworcowa street
61-801 Poznan
tel. +48 501 212-378

In our immediate vicinity there are i.e.: Railway Station Poznan and Poznan International Fair. Similarly, as in the case of other cities, also in Poznan AUTOCASH offers substitution car anywhere. So you don't need to visit our office, to rent a car from us. Just enter the address (eg. your office, airport, train station, hotel), and our staff will arrive in the specified location with the choosen vehicle. Then it will complete all the formalities with you. It will take only a few minutes. This is a very convenient solution, because without leaving your home or business, you can hire the car, which is ready to run and with a full tank.

These our rental offers quite a bit. We offer you the all type of cars: economical, compact, luxury and off-road. They occur in a variety of body styles (kombi and sedan) and with automatic and manual transmission. All of them from the B class are available with air conditioning and full equipement Full specifications of vehicles are available in the "Short Term Rental -> Auto" at the top of the page. What's more, we also offer car rental vans and minibuses.

You should know also about the service, which is renting a car for an abroad trip. Not all car rental companies agree such a journey. We do. We understand that the location of Poznan favors trips over the Polish borders both for tourism and business.

Our offer includes:

Bus rental

Minibus rental in Poznan does not have to be difficult or expensive. Just take advantage of our offer and you will not have to worry about the number of transported people and luggage. It is a much cheaper and more convenient solution than engaging two ordinary cars.


Replacement car from OC

Thanks to us, in Poznan you will receive the best courtesy car from the liability insurance available. We will provide you with a vehicle of similar parametres to yours, so that you would not feel the difference dramatically. The procedure will take place without any financial outlay on your part.


Car rental vans

We provide you with delivery vans rental of the highest standard. All you need is a simple category B driving license and remember that such a car can carry up to 1.500 kg. It is, therefore, an ideal way to transport furniture, electronic devices and other charges.


Long term rental

For entrepreneurs who apply modern solutions in their business, we have prepared a long-term car rental offer. As a result, they avoid the need to engage their own capital and do not have to worry about the risk of the constantly diminishing value of the car.


As previously mentioned - we can substitute a car in any place. This service is available not only in Poznan, but also in cities such as eg. Zielona Gora, September, Gorzow Wielkopolski, Leszno, Kalisz, Konin, Kostrzyn and Swiebodzin.

Therefore, we invite you to contact with our rental. Below we provide direct links to the calculator of rental prices and to bookiing a car.

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