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    Looking for a replacement car, and your vehicle has crashed? Are you interested in renting the vehicle for a few day?
    We encourage you to read the details of our offer of rental vehicles in the short-term model.

Short-Term & One-Day Car Rental

Short-term car rental service is to lease a car in a short period of time. This is usually a period not exceeding three months. The service is addressed to individuals and companies. Thanks uproszonym procedures used by the car rental lease AUTOCASH process runs smoothly, does not require additional and complex analysis as in the case of long-term rental. Price is determined by the number of days rental, vehicle class, additional equipment and daily mileage limit. It is also a perfect alternative in case of failure of the vehicle and the need to use a replacement vehicle. AUTOCASH Car Rental offers car hire zastępcznyc, cars for weddings and vans, as well as a car with driver.

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer a comprehensive service tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers. Short term rental is the perfect solution among where:

  1. Looking for a replacement car, and your vehicle has crashed.
  2. You depend on the specific vehicle model testing before hiring long-term contract.
  3. Looking for a car for their seasonal workers.
  4. Looking for a new and most important goal of fully operational vehicle traveling abroad
  5. Are you planning to expand its fleet
  6. Need a car occasionally

Car rental offices AUTOCASH through numerous stationed in Polish allows you to rent a vehicle from anywhere. If you need to rent a car outside the headquarters branch offices, we provide our clients with a service door-to-door approach to provide an indication of the vehicle in a place and at a specified time

  • Address

    Autocash Sp.z o.o 53-333 Wrocław ul. Powstańców Śląskich 114

  • P +48 501 212 378
  • P +48 71-793-09-75
  • Email kontakt@autocash24.pl
  • REGON : 020434757 NIP : 899-25-92-538 Bank account:
    Swift: WBKPPLPP IBAN: PL17 1090 2529 0000 0001 0666 6516

Autocash Branches

Autocash - division Kraków

31-323 Kraków ul. Opolska 12a
+48 12-415-31-08
+48 501-30-20-80

Autocash - division Gdańsk

80-852 Gdańsk ul. Dyrekcyjna 6
+48 58-721-32-33
+48 790-45-95-95

Autocash - division Wroclaw

53-333 Wrocław ul. Powst. Śląskich 114
+48 501-212-378
+48 71-793-09-75

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