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Premium cars are used both by individuals who value the prestige and comfort, as well as companies in which they serve as a representative cars or vehicles for managers. They are used also occasionally - eg. for film or marketing campaigns. They are universal. We know this, so we offer luxury car hire for any time.

Short term rental frequently works on such occasions, like wedding, film production, photo session, or single carriage important guests. For a very good price, our luxury car rental delivers a chosen car in any place. Vehicle is fully prepared - 100% efficient, clean and full tank of gas. Taking advantage of our services is also a great way for testing the selected car before buying. It helps to be sure, that the vehicle will meet your requirements.

Long term rental is a service offered to companies but is also used by individuals (ie. those who like to regularly replace the car, but at the same time they want to avoid selling the old and buy the new in every few years). The purchase and maintenance of a luxury car is a big expense. In addition, if the vehicle is used as a car for the President, or the presentable car, it must be always 100% efficient and available for using. In case of accident or bumps (not even our own fault), we lose the possibility of using the damaged vehicle for a few-dozen days, which is often very tedious. It should also be noted that the repair of luxury car is very expensive. The long-term lease eliminates these disandvantages. Firstly, because our rental is responsible for taking care of the current review, insurance, repairs and claims handling for whole time. What's more, AUTOCASH pays for these activities. Operating costs of the car are stable and predictable for customers. Secondly, in the case of a failure, we substitute a replacement car in the same class. As a result, our customers can be assured that they will always have an efficient luxury car at their disposal.


Why should you use the services of AUTOCASH? There are several reasons. In particular: big offer of cars, the availability of services throughout the whole country and professional assistance of our staff.

We offer cars, such as. Audi A6, Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes S Class, Audi A8, BMW X5, BMW 3, BMW 5. Vehicles are very well equipped and they are in a perfect condition. We provide both cars with manual and automatic transmissions, as well as gasoline and diesel. What's more, if necessary, our rental is able to buy any additional luxury car for a special long-term customer request.

We have offices in several Polish cities: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Katowice and Krakow. Their addresses are at the bottom of the page. But that's not all - with such network of our offices, we are able to deliver the car at any place in our country. What's more, the formalities needed for rent a car, can be arranged either in our office, as well as in the Client's place. Our driver will have a set of documents to prepare a contract. Customers really appreciate such possibility.

We realize that not everyone is experienced in the use of luxury cars. These are full with all kinds of electronics, which makes driving more comfortable and more secure. However, the use of it can scare inexperienced user – unnecessarily! Our employee, during the signing of the contract, will explain, how work the various systems and accessories and how to use them. Moreover, we also provide a special phone number, which is open 24/7. If you have any problems, questions or concerns (larger or smaller), our staff is at your disposal.


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