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Everyone has sometimes tempted to go outside the city. Silence, lack of crowds and the rush are good for our physical condition. After such outing we are at ease and relaxed. And no matter whether it is a ski trip, a trip to the woods, or off-road rally. The specific form depends on preferences and season, but its beneficial effects are always similar.

Unfortunately, only a few can afford to buy a car, which they could take such trips. Off-road cars are expensive, and are sometimes problematic in everyday use. Especially in terms of their size, which does not make easy parking in the large cities.

Most classic cars poorly handle in hard terrain. Sometimes even their ski tripby them is problematic. Especially when the car is very loaded and a road is icy and strongly inclined. Tdriving on a highly situated ski slope is very uncomefortable.

Only cars with four-wheel drice are the best in such situations. What's more, they guarantee a comfortable journey also in less extreme conditions. From classic passenger cars vary them i.e.:

4x4 - advantage, which we have already mentioned. It is very useful in difficult terrain and on normal roads. With it you can easily ride on gravel, sand, and a very snowy roads.

Powerful motor - it drives these four wheels, making a whole mechanisms working well. Off-road cars available in AUTOCASH have powerful engines, which are very useful in all conditions.

High body - another aspect of the SUV. With it, you can safely drive even after a very bumpy terrain.

Cushioning - essential for the off-road trips. In Polish conditions is also useful when driving on damaged roads.

Spaciousness - each of the passengers have a lot of space inside. Moreover, our 4x4 cars also offer a large luggage space. This allows you to easily go, eg. for camping or skiing.

Luxury look - it may seem paradoxical, but it is also very important advantage of our SUV and Jeep type cars. They distinguishe themself on the street, so that they can also serve as a representative vehicles.

Our services are used not only by individuals. Car rental AUTOCASH offers a car hire for i.e. forest- and road construction-workers. By a one word - for all of those, who work in the areas, where it is difficult to get there by a classic car.

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