1. No age restrictions.
  2. Two identity documents: ID card or passport, valid driving license
  3. Fee for the rental charge cash, bank transfer or credit card. Deposit on your credit card. Is possible to deposit the cash or leave your car in the deposit. We accept the following credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS
  4. Insurance standard AC, OC, NNW is included in the price of hiring. Share your own Tenant in the injury AutoCasco is the deposit. The possibility of lifting the share price by buying full insurance.
  5. Rent car with full fuel tank, and look forward to return with the same amount of fuel.
  6. For reservations, please fill out all fields on the form and the precise selection of hours, dates, car model, the place of receipt and return the car.

Autocash Branches

Autocash - division Kraków

31-323 Kraków ul. Opolska 12a
+48 12-415-31-08
+48 501-30-20-80

Autocash - division Gdańsk

80-852 Gdańsk ul. Dyrekcyjna 6
+48 58-721-32-33
+48 790-45-95-95

Autocash - division Wroclaw

53-333 Wrocław ul. Powst. Śląskich 114
+48 501-212-378
+48 71-793-09-75

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