Car Rental Warsaw Chopin Airport

Car rental point near Warsaw Chopin Airport is:

Car Rental Autocash
Chopin Airport
1 Zwirki and Wigury street
tel. +48 501 350-355

Autocash is the closest to Warsaw airport car rental. In a straight line from our office (on the 1 Radar street) to the airstrip is approx. 1800 m. Thanks to this location we provide the fast delivery of the car to the airport of Chopin.

We provide services to travelers from all over the world. Our customers appreciate the largest selection of cars. No less important are the best price and the express service.

The International Airport of Fryderic Chopin (the old name - Warsaw Okecie Airport) is located at 1 Zwirki andWigury street and is the largest airport in Poland. From here you can travel to countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. It supports approximately 100 cruises. The most popular are the flights to London, Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt. Locally, most passengers travel to Wroclaw, Gdansk and Krakow. At Chopin Airport you can use 2 terminals. These are the Terminal A and Terminal General Aviation.

Our car rental also offers safe and fast transport to the airport, as well as to the place choosen by you. In order to book a car, please click the link below.

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