Rental Car After an Accident

Free rental car replacement in questions and answers:

Who is entitled to a free replacement car?
- Immunity applies to the owner of the car, the car has been damaged due to the fault of another driver. Rental costs will be covered by insurance.

Do I need to have a business or use the car for business purposes to take advantage of this service?
- No. For a long time, insurers refused to pay for a replacement vehicle hire to individuals. In November 2011 the Supreme Court ruled that an individual has the right to such benefit. It was stressed that the inability of daily commuting, school run, or visiting a sick family member is a significant loss of moral (which is equivalent to the loss of material in the case of companies). Moreover, the insurance company can not argue their refusal to the fact, that the victim can perform all of these tasks, using public transportation.

How does look the renting procedure?
- Please report to our rental and make a declaration of incurring losses (eg. physical, moral) in connection with immobilization of vehicle, which was damaged in an accident caused by another driver. Then select the appropriate car from our offer and use it throughout the period of repair your own vehicle.

My car is not repaired because the mechanic is waiting for the delivery of parts. Am I entitled to a replacement vehicle?
- Yes. The insurer of accident's preparator shall pay the cost of renting a replacement vehicle for the whole period of exemption from the use the damaged vehicle. This applies to not only repair itself, but eg. waiting for parts, waiting in line for the mechanics, etc.

Do I have to choose a rental indicated by the insurer?
- No. The victim has the right to choose the company which will acquire a replacement vehicle, even if the cost of its services will be higher than the one indicated by the insurer.

Does my insurance company may impose some limits on the use of a replacement vehicle?
- No. The victim may freely use the car.

The luxury car has damaged. What can I do to avoid having to change it, for example to the Fiat Cinquecento?
- Just use the service of car rental AUTOCASH. We offer each class of replacement cars (from the economic, the compact and luxurious, to field and supply). The insurer is obliged to cover the costs of renting a car in the same class as damaged (but not higher class).

Do you need a cash?
- No. AUTOCASH offers a replacement car hire completely cashless. Payment for leased auto pays insurer of the perpetrator of accident. What's more, all the formalities associated with this procedure, assume our rental. The customer only arrives, makes a declaration, which was mentioned earlier, uses a free replacement car and gives it back after return of his own car.


Full range of vehicles offered by us is in the "Short Term Rental -> Auto". To use such service, simply contact with one of our branches, or call directly to the department of replacement car - tel. no. 531 746 850.

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