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In every family and every business can sometimes be such a situation: we are planning a trip (vacation, conference, training) and we want to take six people with us. Then things get complicated, because we have to commit to at least two cars, as well as the two drivers. That means also dual fuel costs.

That's why someone invented the 9-passenger minibuses. They allow the driver to take 8 passengers. What's more, according to the law, they can be driven by any person who has a B driving license. So you do not need to engage drivers with higher privileges.

On the other hand, not everyone needs such car every day and it's price is quite high. That's why AUTOCASH offers single and long-term rental of 9-passenger minibuses. We are talking about models like the Opel Vivaro Long and Renault Trafic Long.

Hire of minibus can be useful in every family. It will be useful especially on such occasions, such as. transport guests to the wedding, or going on holiday. What's more, with us it is possible also to rent a car for a trip abroad. You can go i.e. to Austria for skiing there. Our clients often use this offer also in the summer. Opel Vivaro and Renault Trafic Long are not only type of cars 8 + 1, but also they offer a large luggage space. "Long" term means that the cars have longer back. This allows you to take to them all the necessary equipment and luggage, without losing the comfort of the passengers.

Also the companies appreciates the advantages of 9-passenger cars. Sometimes you have to carry a greater number of employees, eg. for a conference, training or integration event. Renault Trafic and Opel Vivaro can also successfully be used as a representative cars. They offer not only a lot of space, but also a comfortable journey, because they have full equipement (eg. power windows, air conditioning). They are also characterized by an interesting and elegant design, so they are also useful for the carriage of the delegation and contractors.

Some people wonder if there will be problems with running minibuses. There is no reason to it - despite the larger dimensions, they run very similarly to standard cars. In driving help also large, electric mirrors, power steering and a large windscreen provides good visibility. Safety is supervised by the ABS system.

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Polecamy busy:

Peugeot Boxer 2.2HDi A/C

Great air-conditioned van with power windows and mirrors. It can accommodate up to 7 passengers.

From 232 zł

Renault Trafic Long

Comfortable passenger bus, which can carry up to 9 people. It is characterized by extremely low fuel consumption.

From 273 zł

Opel Vivaro Long

Opel Vivaro Long can accommodate up to 9 passengers. It has power steering, radio, manual air conditioning, as well as power mirrors and windows.

From 273 zł

Dodge Grand Caravan 3.6

The automatic transmission provides you with unique driving comfort. Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with a top quality suspension.

From 273 zł


We understand that our customers do not always have the option of posting a family member, friend or employee who can be a driver. Especially in a situation such as transport wedding guests, or transfer of the delegation. So in AUTOCASHit is also possible to rent a minibus with a driver. Our employees in a professional manner will take care of your guests and will transport them to the right place. To take advantage of this offer, please contact with one of our offices in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan or Katowice. They also serve other localities. Specific information will appear after clicking on the name of the branch at the bottom of the page.

Bus rental Gdansk

Our offer includes, among other things, easy car rental in Gdansk. You can pick it up near the railway station. It will be fully fueled and ready to be driven. You can choose the type of a car in accordance with your individual preferences and abilities.

Bus rental Krakow

Thanks to our offer, car rental in Krakow is quick, easy and accessible for everyone. You can contact our office, located near the airport in Balice, everyday. The provided car will be equipped with a full petrol tank and immediately ready to go.

Bus rental Warsaw

We offer you car rental in Warsaw on extremely favourable terms. After establishing a specific date, our employee will be waiting for you at the Modlin airport, where he will do all the paperwork for you on the spot. Thanks to this solution, you can carry up to 9 passengers.

Bus rental Wroclaw

Our car rental in Wroclaw solves many problems. For instance, you can rent a bus when you need to travel with more people or a lot of luggage. Our buses are also perfect for moving to another location with all your furniture, electronic devices, etc. What is more, you can also hire a driver.

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